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About Us

Our Background

From a background in UAV research and development, SkyGrab was set up to bridge the gap between exciting new advancements in UAV technology and commercial applications. 

Our technology enables us to provide survey, inspection, mapping and reality capture services across various sectors including oil and gas, construction, demolition, mining, utilities and infrastructure management. Our solution provides a fast, efficient and safe way of acquiring and presenting complex site information. We operate in challenging environments, from dark dangerous confined spaces all the way up to exposed high structures. 


Whilst we have a strong focus on cost and efficiency, safety is always our number one priority. We work tirelessly to ensure our spotless track record is maintained.



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Professional Services

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Industrial Inspection

UAV inspection of difficult to reach infrastructure is a major application for UAVs.  Inaccessible structures such as bridges, flue towers and pylons can be inspected quickly, regularly and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

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Confined space

SkyGrab teams are qualified to operate in confined space level 3 environments (medium risk). Specialist inspection UAVs are able to capture detailed high resolution data. Assets can also be mapped with cutting edge LIDAR technology.

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Survey and Mapping

SkyGrab acquire high resolution aerial imagery to create detailed orthomosaics, DEMs (digital elevation models) and point clouds of sites. These deliverables are highly accurate 2D and 3D representations of your site and are compatible with BIM, CAD and GIS workflows. They can be used for site planning, topographical mapping, progress reporting, taking measurements and volumetric analysis.

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3D Modelling & Reality Capture

Virtual reality enabled 3D models are increasingly being used for a wide variety of applications. From H&S induction training to desktop inspection of assets, we can achieve the level of detail your project requires.

"SkyGrab really blew us away. The speed they got results, the accuracy of their output together with the savings against traditional survey companies make them a 'no brainer' for us. The site model really aids communication between site and office and is already saving the office team from making expensive site visits."

Colin Burford - Director DSM Group

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